Water4Power – Generating Sustainable Electricity in the Bornean Interior

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A group of 20 student volunteers from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus along with medics and engineers have come together for the greater good to implement the Water4Power project organized by Engineers Without Borders, Malaysia (EWB-Malaysia).


Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of underprivileged community through sustainable engineering solutions. Our vision is to provide access to basics namely water, food, shelter, energy, education and healthcare to all Malaysians. Water 4 Power focuses on providing lighting and electricity to the Bidayuh community of Kampung Sapit, Sarawak.


The Orang Asal of Kampung Sapit, Sarawak is very much dependant on diesel generators as the main source for electricity. This mode of energy supply is not only costly to the local aborigines, but degrading to the environment as well. Thus, Water4Power initiates to build a micro-hydro generator as an alternative for more sustainable electricity supply solution. Other than that, we are also addressing the importance of education, healthcare and waste management to the local community.


To support this humble initiative, visit our page at https://www.simplygiving.com/NonProfit/ewbmalaysia or contact sanjiv@ewb-malaysia.org for more details.

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