Why carpooling has endless benefits for car owner and co rider

When 2 or more people share the same vehicle to commute somewhere, saving petrol and money. Now a days carpooling is not unknown anymore and the trend is achieving new level of success everyday. This trend is catching up fast in youth and office employees.

And there have to be more than one benefits of it. Here are some of them:

1.Saves Fuel: Many campaigns started against overuse of fuel. This precious resource are running out from this planet.While many efforts have been made to overcome the crisis on a amaleer or large level, carpooling is providing to be the most effective of themall.While 2 and more people share rides when traveling in a common direction, this trend is saving tons of fuel.
2. Shared Cost: Carpooling not only saves fuel but also lower the travelling cost. When you carpool all expenses shared equally by the participating individuals.

3. Make Friends: This is one of the most sought after benefits ofcarpooling.When you pick a ride that suits your need then the best part is you met with a new people. Now go ahead and make some new friends.

4. Saves Time: Carpooling is taking over most metropolitian cities today.Recently Gurgaon traffic police setting aside a separate lane for those who were carpoolinng at the toll booth. if there will be less cars on road there will be less traffic and more the time saved.



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