Young Voices for Conservation – School Programme

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“The TrEES School Programme has done something that no other has done before this. That is the programme has made us “wake up” to the surroundings and the global concerns on our environment. It has made us realize that we are the youth on whose shoulders lies the responsibility of conserving the beauty and vigor of forests. The programme has thus instilled in us, a sense of belonging which we never felt before.”

TrEES school programme “Young Voices for Conservation” harnesses the spirit and energy of the youth to create positive change in themselves and the community around them.

The greatest thing we can do for our young people is to prepare them for life, by providing them with tools and skills they will need to succeed. Young Voices for Conservation does just that. The programme allows the youth to explore their creativity, unlock their hidden potential, and to achieve extraordinary results.

Now entering its third year, the programme has gained momentum with the participation of schools from Selangor, KL, Putrajaya and Negeri Sembilan. Secondary schools are targeted in this exciting programme that aims to develop future leaders who are passionate and active in conserving the environment. The programme is run with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

TrEES is delighted that AFFINBANK is continuing its partnership with TrEES in “Young Voices for Conservation” for 2013. AFFINBANK will also provide the technical expertise to run the financial training component, a critical aspect of the programme, for the student project teams. Staff from AFFINBANK will provide input into the programme, participate in all the activities run during the programme and form part of the team that evaluates the effectiveness of the students projects

Under the programme, students are trained to become effective role models for their peers and act as agents of change in school and at home, to minimise their impact on the environment. Students participate in training workshops to build their capacity and skills, and in fieldtrips to the forest, to strengthen their connection with the natural environment. During the training workshops, students learn important life-skills such as project planning, financial management, problem solving and communication skills.

Using the skills they have learned, students plan and implement an environmental project in their school. They become mentors to their classmates, showing them how to take action to protect the environment. Their projects are effective because it is by students for students.

Through their passion, the student teams motivate themselves and their classmates to practice the 4Rs’ (Re-think, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in their everyday actions that become the foundation for their path towards environmental consciousness. Students come to realize that they can be active environmentalists no matter what career they pursue, or what field interests them. The environment affects all things, and is in turn, affected by all things.

AFFINBANK’s investment in this programme is providing immeasurable benefits for the students who are participating, as well as for the nation, equipping young Malaysians with leadership and financial skills as well as knowledge and passion for the environment.

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