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Fully Funded Fellowship to track the UN climate negotiations in Paris

Join the Adopt a Negotiator team in Paris this year!

Sign-up now for your chance to see your name in the biggest newspapers in the country; a chance to shape your future; and a chance to join our team in Paris in December!

This is a huge year for climate action. Almost every country on earth is in the midst of preparing its national climate action plans before a new global climate treaty is revealed in Paris this December.

We also want to give you the chance to be selected for a fully-funded Fellowship to join our Adopt a Negotiator team at COP21 in Paris later this year.


More trainings, support and coordinated opportunities to influence climate politics

In 2014, young people from more than 70 countries joined our Climate Tracker program. Together, they published close to 400 articles in mainstream media around the world, all calling for stronger action on climate change.

We awarded Fellowships to some of the most influential participants, and sent them to Lima to track the COP20 climate negotiations.

Apply Here


We’re planning to do the same this year. Could you be one of our Fellows to track COP21 in Paris?

To help you sharpen your skills and realize your potential, we’re building on last year’s Climate Tracker program, hoping to bring its impact to the next level.

We want to support you to put pressure on your country to improve its action to combat climate change.

This year’s plans include:

What is the Climate Tracker Program?

Our Climate Tracker program aims to support young and passionate people eager to write about the most important climate issues affecting their country. This includes a series of trainings with leading climate change communicators, journalists, strategists and practitioners working on the front lines.

We also offer editorial support, workshops on pitching, and directly help you reach out to some of the biggest media in your country, and the world.

Apply Here


When does it all begin?

We’re launching our first global training on April 30th.

We’ll also launch our first Global #Call4Climate Action in May.

This will be the first of a number global calls for climate action aimed at making your voice heard on these crucial issues throughout the year.

Apply here before April 30th for your chance to join our first global training and join us on the path to Paris!

Based largely on your participation throughout the coming months, we’ll award funded Adopt a Negotiator COP21 Fellowships In September.

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More than 10 years of experience and expertise in energy efficiency and sustainable building design, planning and certification.IEN Consultants