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Bear Story – Take Your Time to Know About Soo Bear

Bear Story – Take Your Time to Know About Soo Bear

Do you still remember the bear who has a sorrowful face, Soo? Good news, she had just recently finished her quarantine!

During her time in quarantine, she spends more of her time by staying up high. But she does have her favourite enrichment, Aussie Dog Ball. The Aussie dog ball is filled with her favourite food, dog biscuits and honey. Besides that, keepers are trying to introduce her many kinds of enrichment such as live tree branches, happy sacks and much more. But, she seems to like to play at night time where no one is around her. This is the reason we called her The Nocturnal. She is preferably active at night. We saw her improvement within the 30 days quarantine. She appreciates all the foods that we offer and she can be eating so fast.





Read and see more photos of this story at http://www.bsbcc.org.my/bear-talk-blog/take-your-time-to-know-about-soo-bear

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