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on 9 May, 20:09

See the rainforest in Brazil dwindle in front of your eyes – if you can stomach it

Google Earth Engine is a new initiative by Google, highlighting how humans have taken advantage of the earth’s scarce resources in the recent past.

The snapshots consist of yearly snapshots taken with a 1.7 terapixel camera of the earth’s surface in chosen areas. At present, only eight images have been made available, but it is fascinating (and somewhat terrifying) to watch Las Vegas and Dubai grow as well as observe the drying of lake Urmia in Iran and the Aral see.

Although the images are disconcerting, one positive takeaway from this is that internet-giant Google is choosing to zoom in on these issues. If they would channel some of those 50 billion that they made last year into saving our planet… now wouldn’t that be something?

Image source: Ars Technica

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