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on 20 Dec, 11:39

Urgent appeal for Aceh’s Orangutan, Indonesia

The Acehnese Government is pushing to finalise the proposed Spatial Plan in the next coming weeks along with and additional NEW draft governor’s regulation, which opens a door for new permits in large critical areas of the Leuser Ecosystem. If approved, this new plan and the new regulation will result in the rapid devastation of most of Aceh’s remaining lowland forests, the last stronghold for the Sumatran orangutan, tiger, rhino and elephant. This also totally undermines the legal status of the world renowned Leuser Ecosystem. What’s more, it will not only seriously impact biodiversity and regional carbon emissions, but also seriously jeopardize the lives and livelihoods of many thousands of Aceh’s 4 million people.

It is no exaggeration to state that the survival of Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers and Orangutans in Aceh depends on decisions being taken here in the next few weeks!

Act Now! This must be stopped.

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Aceh Orangutans

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