on 5 May, 09:09

The Green Arrow Project

The Green Arrow Project is one of the student-initiated project under the Student-Initiated Environmental Projects Competition. It is a project that promotes recycling among the students through the production of the Portable Recycling Bag.

Even in UPM Serdang Campus there were still many recyclable materials that were simply thrown in a normal thrash bin. Some were not even thrown in any bin. The Portable Recycling Bag was aimed to provide leverage to the students to ease them in practicing recycling habits. The presence of the bag also help apprehend one of the common problem in recycling which is a limited number of recycling bin. Through the usage of the bag, the students can keep some of the most valuable recyclable materials such as aluminium tin cans and plastic bottles in a convenient compartment in the bag. Plus, the Portable Recycling Bag was also aimed to bring the students closer to the usage of green products in their lifestyle.

The Objectives

1. To provides a new tools for recycling

2. To encourage students to approach green products

3. To advocate the recycling habits among the students



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