Anti Haze Action


on 26 Oct, 16:13
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Anti Haze Action

AHA – Anti Haze Action Call to Action to People in Malaysia who want Clear Skies back soon

We are looking for Malaysians and residents who are tired of the worsening haze over the years. Unfortunately the governements and plantations have done little to address the issue. It is time for ordinary people to play a part and come together to bring back Clear Skies.

All you need to join is any of the following:

  1. Passion to make a change
  2. Any area of expertise such as science, health or law
  3. Pubilicity savvy – you are in the media or a great at social media. Or you are a whizz at videos for you tube.
  4. You are connected – you have your networks in government, with corporates, banks and especially with companies that may be doing plantation business in Indonesia
  5. You or your family are from Borneo, parts of Indonesia and you are familiar with what is happening on the ground from a soceital point of view.
  6. You are with an environmental NGO.
  7. You are with an existing Indonesian/Singaporean group who are taking action.
  8. You are involved in climate change efforts, familiar with COP21 which will be held in Paris next month.
  9. You are with an industry which is suffering – eg. tourism, healthcare, education and agriculture.

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand needs you. Come and see what role you can do to bring back Clear Skies to our region.

To RSVP please head to our Facebook page:

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