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Farmer’s Corner is Back

Finally the Farmer’s Corner is back in action after laying off for months ……….!

This time you will see more vegetables from lowland aside some from highlands [too much rain in CH… let’s  keep our fingers crossed for  favorable weather]

There will be varieties of vegetables and fruits for your pick such as cucumbers, okra, long beans, petola, eggplants, edamame, mushroom; jackfruits, papaya, honeydew melons, and hopefully some leafy vegetables will be available by then.

For those who are looking for organic compost, fertilizer, vermi-compost, Australian lemons, vegetable seeds and seedlings/saplings, herbs and publications – all will be available at the Farmer’s Corner! Let’s know in advance if you want to enjoy a cup of organic coffee/tea and organic wholemeal bread with homemade organic mulberry jam or grassfed butter… enjoy your breakfast in the garden!

Cheers and look forward to seeing you & Happy Shopping!!

Please REMEMBER to bring your own shopping bags!

26th Hari Organik

Hari Organik (or Organic Day) is CETDEM’s signature event, organised once every 2–3 months since August 2009. This event has grown from strength to strength, bringing together organic farmers, retailers, cafes, restaurants and other organic players under one banner to provide a forum for increasing awareness and interchange of ideas, through talks, demonstrations and fun events for children and adults alike.

Our Objectives:

  • Promote organic lifestyle & sustainable living
  • Help connect producers, cooks and consumers, a platform for networking and sharing information and experiences
  • Growth, distribution and networking
  • Enhance spirit of voluntarism
  • Increase public awareness of the importance of organic farming/food
  • Help new growers and entrepreneurs to distinguish their market place

Please join us in our upcoming Hari Organik, next April 21st on Taman Pusat Bandar SS2, Petaling Jaya.

Workshop on Energy Efficiency: How to Reduce Your Household Electricity Bill

This workshop aims to teach participants how to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency in their households.

Facilitator: Engr. Gurmit Singh (CETDEM)

Co-facilitator: Mr. Edward Chong (Taylor’s University)

Admission is open to all (subjected to availability of seats) and free of charge, sponsored by office of YB Elizabeth Wong.

Please bring along three (3) months electricity bills.

For registration, please contact Mr. Edward Chong at 012-4005055 or 03-56295572 and edward.chong@taylors.edu.my

CETDEM’s Farmer’s Corner

An event that happens every 3rd Sunday of the month except on public holidays and clashes with our other major events.

If you are looking for fresh, affordable organic vegetables, fruits, and some delicious breads/quick breads, this is the place for you! Organic fertilizer, vermi compost, compost bins, vegetable seeds/seedlings and publications on farming/health & environment matters are also available for sale.

Objectives of this small farmer’s corner include:

  • To cater specifically for small organic farms as an outlet to market their produce.
  • To cultivate closer relationships/trust amongst farmers and consumers.
  •  To provide fresh and affordable organically grown vegetables to consumers, especially to the local community.

Farmer’s corner 14/01

If you are looking for fresh, affordable organic vegetables and some delicious breads/quick breads, this is the place for you! Let’s see if we can serve you an exciting scrumptious breakfast on that morning!! Interested?

Vegetable seeds/seedlings, organic fertilizer, compost and compost bins are available for sale. The Objectives of this small farmer’s corner include:

  • To Cater specifically for small organic farmers as an outlet to market their produce.
  • To Cultivate closer relationships/trust amongst farmers and consumers.
  • To Provide fresh and affordable organically grown vegetables to consumers.

See you oat the Organic Farming Community Centre at No 29 Jalan 19/15, Section 19, Petaling Jaya.

Visit us at http://www.cetdem.org.my/ and http://www.facebook.com/cetdem.org.my

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Saturday, 26 November 2016
10.00am ~ 4.00pm
Pusat Komuniti Bukit Bandaraya
Jalan Medang Tanduk,
Bukit Bandar Raya, Bangsar, 59100 KL
of@cetdem.org.my; 016 219 5826



The 22 edition Hari Organik is in Bangsar for the 4th consecutive year!
Hari Organik is an event where you get to meet the farmers/producers and other organic business entities to consult on organic farming / gardening practices; wellness/health products/food that are good for your health and much more!

If you are looking for organic mattress and pillows, household and skin care products, organic compost, fertilizer, vegetable seeds and seedlings, this is the place for you! For those who are looking for FIG saplings at reasonable price, come to us as stocks are limited!

If you are concerned of how organic are those products/ produce in the market, join us for the open dialogue with the farmer/producer & Retailer.

Water! Water! How much do you Know and Care? Issues around Consumers, Government and Environment…. Engr. Gurmit Singh will be there to share with you his concerns!
An event not to be missed, so what are you waiting for?!

*Those interested to showcase/promote their products may contact Ms Tan at 016 219 5826.



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