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Coral Propagation Workshop

Coral Propagation Workshop
Past Event

This workshop aims to develop fundamental knowledge and skill  for those interested in coral planting. It is a diving trip  that  teaches the participant about coral propagation. It is a fun  learning  trip that also help with conservation. Anyone can participate. This is a  small group  workshop based on first come first serve basis. Maximum  number in this  group is twelve (12) divers. This is by far the best  coral education  trip in the country.

3 days / 2 nights

Number of dives5 dives (plus 1 optional dive)

Workshop FeeRM  1,200.00 per person (publish rate). Group discount is available upon  request. Introductory price is offered for March and April workshops.

The  fee includes: 2 night accommodation, return boat transfer to selected  location, all meals, 5 dives, workshop material, certificate  and  instructor fee.

The fee does not include SCUBA equipment rental.

How to participate

There  are events for each workshop published on facebook. Just click join on  this event page and you will receive further instructions.You may also  direct any questions to: or drop your  message here on facebook.

Diving Participant

Pre-requisites  for divers is that they must bring their certification card and logbook  for verification. Those who did not dive for six month or more prior to  the workshop is required to attend a SCUBA refresher program.

Non-diving Participant

There  are those who don’t dive but wanting to learn about coral planting.  Non-divers are welcome to participate however there is no reduction in  price as the packages for accommodation and diving is one. And most  operators is not willing to give away the space for cheaper.

Progression of Training

This  workshop is the first level of five workshops. Coral propagation is a  niche that splinters out of needs for rehabilitation of the coral reef.  It takes proper research in creating and facilitating coral propagation  program. There are many aspects that need to be considered and handled  prior to the coral planting. This make training too long to be done on  one workshop. Progression of training is as follow:

Level 1 – Coral Propagation Workshop (This workshop)

  •  This level develops fundamental skills and knowledge for those interested to start coral propagation.

Level 2 – Underwater Macro Mapping using SCUBA (April 2013)

  • This  level develops skills and knowledge of site survey and mapping. This is  essential for those wanting to establish sites for coral nursery.

Level 3 – Scientific diving and its application in coral reef conservation (September 2013)

  • This level covers areas of scientific diving and its application in coral reef research and conservation.

Level 4 – Crisis and Coral Rescues (October 2013)

  • This  level develops skills and knowledge for re-stabilization and coral  rescues. Rehabilitation of damaged areas is also part of this workshop.

Level 5 – Coral Propagation Facilitators Course (On Request)

  • This is a certification course for those interested in teaching coral propagation to others.

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