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on 5 Jul, 16:30

World Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations 2013, Pahang.

World Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations 2013, Pahang.
Past Event

The United Nations has designated August 9 as the World Indigenous Peoples Day. This year the national-level 2013 Word Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations will be celebrated over a 3-day period in Pahang. Organised by the Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia (JOAS), this year’s event will be held in a village-setting.

The Jah Hut community of Kampung Pian in Kuala Krau (between Temerloh and Jerantut) have graciously agreed to be the hosts. Preparations and groundwork have already begun.

So far about 200 Orang Asal participants, including those from Sabah and Sarawak, are confirmed to attend. We expect about 300 to attend, especially from among the Orang Asli of Semenanjung Malaysia.

The event is open to all, and we will try to provide (simple) accomodation and facilities for those wanting to stay the full programme. More details later.

You can register your intended participation by clicking the link

National level world indigenous people celebration 2013

on 3 Jun, 08:31

Used laptops needed for Orang Asli school in Kampung Punan, Johor

Used laptops needed for Orang Asli school in Kampung Punan, Johor

Laptops needed for Orang Asli school in Kampung Punan, on the banks of the Endau River in Johor.

Cikgu Syah Yunus who teaches in the Orang Asli school in Kampung Punan has requests for laptops for him and his fellow teachers to conduct evening adult literacy and ICT classes for the parents of the Orang Asli children and their less-literate relatives. This programme is a Ministry of Education initiative called Program KEDAP (which is short for Kelas Dewasa Ibu Bapa Orang Asli & Pribumi, or Adult Class for Indigenous Parents). .

This is what he wrote:

“Hi! Where can I get sponsors for used laptops for SK PUNAN?

“This is because we currently having KEDAP program under the Ministry of Education. The program consists of ICT learning. This year we only have 3 working laptops in the school and it is hard for the KEDAP pupils to learn only in theory, as the practical cannot be done fully.

“I already tried with some big companies such as Media Prima, Petronas … but unfortunately no luck.

“We need at least 7 more to cater the ICT learning. Well, if we can get more, the better. The total number of KEDAP pupils is 30.

“I really hope that you can aid me in this matter as if we have more laptops, I can open up ICT classes for other villagers here in Punan.”

So, if you have a used laptop that is still in good working condition, windows-based, and no more than 5 years old, please send an email to and we will take it from there.

Before sending in your used laptop, make sure that you have deleted all your personal or other data. To do so, you can use a programme such as Disk Wipe, which is downloadable for free.

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