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on 11 May, 21:04

Cycle and Recycle in Style

Cycle and Recycle in Style
Past Event

Do Something Good: Connect, May edition is all about “Sustainability”. We’ve heard this word time and time again but it is more important than ever to really understand it. Humans have left behind a carbon footprint that our next generation may not be able to fix. We think it’s time to learn the complexity of it in order to alter our habits in our everyday lives to be more sustainable. “Cycle”, “Recycle” and “Style” relate to our three speaker sponsors:1. The Basikal- On the simplest yet effective transportaitional sustainability- CYCLING!2. Biji-Biji- On reducing waste by reusing them creatively. 3. Earth Heir- On turning waste to fashion!We are über excited to have these inspiring initiatives joining us on the 20th of May at Makan @ The Basikal and we can’t wait to see you all there too!

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on 24 Feb, 22:23

The Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Environmental Sustainability

The Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Environmental Sustainability
Past Event


Is it impossible to live an environmentally-friendly life in Kuala Lumpur? We are required to drive cars everywhere, we consume close to 250 litres of water a day per person, and in 2008, Malaysia was identified as having the second highest growth rate of carbon dioxide emissions.

How do we reclaim environmental sustainability in our everyday, urban lives?

Three experts in Malaysian environmental organizations share their experiences and offer suggestions. Learn how you can make small changes around your house, your office, and even in your neighborhood to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and decrease your carbon footprint!

Build a personal practice of everyday sustainability. Start here with us at Change for Good.

Panel Speakers
• Global Environmental Centre – Dr Kalithasan, Head of River Care Programme
• Ecocentric Transitions – Firdaus Nisha Muhammad Faizal
• More TBA!

on 29 Sep, 17:57

CFG presents: Is Charity Dead? Is Social Enterprise Over-Hyped? A Debate

CFG presents: Is Charity Dead? Is Social Enterprise Over-Hyped? A Debate
Past Event

These days, the social enterprise model is booming, with almost RM 20-million dedicated to promote this model in Malaysia. But is the social enterprise model really universally applicable, or is it over-hyped? Should charities and non-profits seek to be social enterprises?

Join us as we debate the future of charities and social enterprises with our esteemed speakers:

* Amir H. Amha, Program Manager, MaGIC Academy
* Yusuf Jaffar, Social Enterprise Ventures
* Hartini Zainudin, CEO of Yayasan Siti Sapura Husin
* Syed Azmi, Community Organiser

Time: 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (MYT)
Date: Thursday, October 8
Wisma Hong Leong,
18, Jalan Perak,
Kuala Lumpur 50450

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on 13 Apr, 11:40

Change For Good, Back to the Future: What will Malaysia’s Social Sector Look Like in 2035?

Change For Good, Back to the Future: What will Malaysia’s Social Sector Look Like in 2035?
Past Event

This month, join us as we predict the future of social issues in 20 years with some of Malaysia’s largest NGOs such as UNICEF, Mercy Malaysia, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creative Centre (MaGIC) and #PowerShiftMsia

The world was supposed to meet the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations this year. Mid-way through 2015, we need to look at how to move Malaysia’s development forward.

Does the future look positive or bleak for poverty eradication, humanitarian relief, children’s rights, and the differently-abled in Malaysia? What kinds of new challenges and opportunities will arise? What ways of thinking will be obsolete? What kind of solutions will we have to create in the midst of social and technological change? How do we adapt ourselves for the problems of the future?

Our presenters will guide us in examining where the Malaysian social sector will be in twenty years from now. You won’t want to miss this.

Line up includes:

Wivina Belmonte: UNICEF
Ahmad Faezal: MERCY Malaysia
Adrian Yeo: #PowerShiftMsia
Ehon Chan: Malaysian Global Innovation & Creative Centre (MaGIC)

Date: April 22nd, Wednesday

Time: 7.30pm – 10.00pm

Location: Wisma Hong Leong, 18 Jalan Perak

Admission: Free

Hosted by the Hong Leong Foundation, Change for Good aims to expand our minds around addressing social challenges by looking at innovative approaches and models organisations are using to solve complex challenges. Change for Good is organised in partnership with Hong Leong Foundation, Tandemic and Do Something Good.

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