Zi Shen Khoi


on 17 Apr, 13:05

Waste X Food

“Waste X Food” is a campaign that organized by Wenly Seow & Zi Shen Khoi under SIEPC (Student-Initiated Environmental Project Competition) 2015. We are the students from the Faculty of Food Science & Technology of UPM.

We found that the food waste problems are getting more serious day by day in the whole world although there are food crises in the other parts of the world. According to The Star newspaper, Malaysians waste up to 8 million kg of food per day!! Can you imagine how much will the food waste accumulate for a year? Researchers also found that if the food waste problems do not have a solution, the food waste produced by the Malaysians is going to fill up 16 Petronas Tower in 2020! How can you bear with this shocking figures?!

That’s why we are here – The Food Savers!

What are we going to do?!!

1)      Make a small exhibition at Putra Food Court (one of the crowded food court in UPM because it is surrounded by the student hostels) with informative posters.

2)      Provide saving food practices and others related information in our Facebook page (Waste X Food).

3)      Collect the daily food waste in Putra Food Court and send for composing.


Through this campaign, we hope that the students’ awareness about food waste problem can be raised. Besides, the students can carry out the food saving practices that learnt from our campaign in their daily life and thus minimize the food waste problems in our country.

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