Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)


on 24 May, 23:33

FRIM Hari Terbuka / FRIM Open Day


  1. Meningkatkan kesedaran orang awam tentang FRIM sebagai sebuah institusi penyelidikan perhutanan terkemuka dan warisan negara yang perlu dipelihara
  2. Memberi peluang kepada orang awam mengetahui lebih dekat penyelidikan yang dijalankan melalui interaksi terus dengan para penyelidik FRIM dalam makmal, ruang kerja dan pejabat yang pada kebiasaannya tertutup
  3. Memberi peluang untuk penyertaan orang awam dalam aktiviti asas penyelidikan melalui demonstrasi peralatan dan cara kerja
  4. Mendekatkan warga FRIM dengan masyarakat setempat melalui permainan dan aktiviti yang melibatkan penyertaan bersama
  5. Memberi maklumat terkini mengenai eko pelancongan dan pendidikan alam sekitar di FRIM


OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED. Please pre register for the limited number of slots available for guided walks. For the hale and hearty you can opt to go to the Canopy Walk limited to 100 pre-registrants and 75 pax for the leisurely but knowledge packed Stars of FRIM (tree identification of selected trees along the main roads)

To allow for a fair distribution of participants, each registrant can only register for a maximum of 3 persons only (e.g parents and 1 child).

Please pre-register to Ms Tan Lay Lean via email

Click here for more information.


on 12 Mar, 16:28

International Day of Forests

Time: 9.30-11.30 am
For registration:
Tel: 019-2051356 (sms only)
First 100 registrants will receive free T-Shirts

Location vicinity KBG
Time : 9.30-11.30 am
ONLY 8 groups still open (1 group of 5 people)
Tel: 013-2493691 (sms only)

Location: Climber House (Near Lake), KBG
Time: 9.30-10.30 pagi
Limited to 30 children (7-12 years old)
Tel: 013-2493691 (sms only)

Also held concurrently

Location : FRIM MTDC Technology Centre (Jalan Kapur FRIM)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
– Exhibition
– Stalls selling items
– Explorace
– Children Games
– Lucky Draw

For enquiries and participation contact:
Mazdiana Tel: 03-6279 7679
hp: 017 338 6308 (sms only)
Dr Fadhilah Tel: 019 2831197 (sms only)

on 16 Oct, 03:12

‘Aliens’ in FRIM – Rerun

Photo credit:
Loh Wan Yen

The Nature Guides are organizing a rerun for the popular Guided Walk through the FRIM Natural Heritage Site. If you missed the walks that was organized previously, come join us this year!

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong was first established in the 1920s. Back then, the area was stripped of its original forest cover for vegetable farming and mining. Over the years, more than 2,500 plant species from all over the world have been planted for research purposes. In 2010, it was declared a national Natural Heritage Site. Roads going around the campus are now lined with towering trees, where many are more than half a century old. Most casual visitors, however, never get to find out that they have just strolled underneath a row of rare endemic trees only found in three sites in the world, smelled the fragrance of an exotic flower that is the secret ingredient of a top-brand perfume, stepped on a small fruit in the middle of the path that is a delicacy eaten around South East Asia, brushed off a fallen leaf from a tree famed for its “magical” medicinal properties or driven past an avenue of high-grade timber sought after for architects’ drafting pencils… The next time you visit FRIM, would you be contented with merely seeing trees and plants or smelling fragrances without knowing what they are?

If you have a curious mind, come join Chew Ming Yee and Lim Chung Lu, two humourous botanists and nature guides, for a 1.5 to 2 hours easy guided walk around the main campus of FRIM and learn a few secrets of these local special and valuable plants and trees.

Note: this is a rerun of part 2, for those who are anticipating to join part 3 of the 3-part walk, kindly look out for it in the coming months.

The walk starts at 8:30am. Further details will be given upon signing up.

Besides standard entrance charges to FRIM (refer to, a fee of RM10 is chargeable to cover insurance and SIG fund. Children below 18 years pay only RM3.

To register: email Ms Wan Yeng (wanyeng@rocketmail.comor sms only (hp 016-618 2148). Limited places available and deadline to register is 19 October 2013, whichever comes first.

For directions: Refer to

Wear suitable loose clothing and good walking shoes. Insect repellant is advisable for those with sensitive skin. For the rest, long-sleeves should suffice. Bring a bottle of water and some healthy snacks.

Part 3: The beginning and the end of a stream. (date to be fixed later)


on 23 Jun, 07:39

Joggers Our Friends: Morning Tea with Joggers

Come, help us make FRIM friendlier for you 🙂

  • Lucky Draw
  • Door gifts for the first 100 persons registered
  • FREE admission to FRIM in conjunction with World Environment Day
  • FREE nature walk for registered participants
  • FREE refreshment provided
  • Interesting slideshow and presentation
  • Healthy living exhibition

For more information, refer to the following image:


on 3 Jun, 08:08

Forest Seed Management Workshop 2013

No tree has ever planted itself – and it knows exactly why!

seed 3

This is our motto. When human beings began to grow forests artificially, they did so in the same way that nature did it – they planted seeds!

seed 4seed 1

Unfortunately this simple and effective way of afforestation has almost been replaced by planting and the previous breeding in tree nurseries – but only almost: we still master this method, and have adjusted is to the requirements of our age and perfected it!

Yet the principle always remains the same for us, too: “Do it like nature does it, then you can’t go wrong!”

Interested to join?

Registration Form, Program and Further Info

Download (PDF, 863KB)

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