Hidayah Halid


on 25 Feb, 13:46

The 12th International Civil Engineering Post Graduate Conference (SEPKA) – The 3rd International Symposium on Expertise of Engineering Design (ISEED)

27 Aug - 28 Aug
9:00 - 15:00
No location

Greetings all,

Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM will organise SEPKA-ISEED 2018 in collaboration with National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kagoshima College, Japan with the theme of ” Spectrum of Opportunities”. The theme expresses a diversity of science and technology breakthrough in terms of approaches and methods, advanced technology, professionalization, experiences, and culture.

We are welcoming audience from anywhere around the globe to join us.


on 26 Nov, 17:44

JB StartUp Course


YOUnified 2017 is a 4th Anniversary of Youth Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) celebration and it is celebrated across the ASEAN region, where each country will implement a variety of community projects ranging from Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Protection, Education, Youth Leadership and many more.

For Johoreans out there, if you interested in social entrepreneurship, you’re coming to the right place. This workshop will go through basic things on social entrepreneurship, details on social problem and affirmative action plan.
DATE: 9th December 2017
Venue: Institut Integriti Kepimpinan Dan Latihan Semangat Dato’ Onn ( IKLAS )
TIME: 8.00 AM
Keep Calm and Never Young Too Lead
Seats are limited, so register now and bring along your friends and colleagues!

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