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on 18 Sep, 16:41

Public Symposium on Infrastructure & Conservation

Public Symposium on Infrastructure & Conservation
Upcoming Event
Hilton Hotel

On behalf of Professor William F. Laurance and the team at the Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science (TESS), James Cook University, Cairns, Australia, you are invited to attend the Public Symposium on “Infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific: Promoting Benefits and Limiting Environmental Risks” to be held at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 5th of October (full day), registrations are free but essential and catering is included during the event.

The TESS team are working with multiple government departments, relevant non-governmental organisations, and many other stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region, to incorporate strategic planning of new roads and infrastructure development. Their work aims to ensure future road infrastructure maximises socio-economic opportunities for communities whilst minimising the detrimental environmental impacts that often accompany infrastructure development.

Besides a Keynote by Professor Bill Laurance there will be talks by Dr Reuben Clements (Rimba), Dr g. Balamurugan (ERE Group), myself, and other guest speakers.

If you wish to join us for this completely free event, please register now at http://www.global-roadmap.org/infra-ap-2017/

on 14 Sep, 16:23
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[Mindset Public Talk] Dr Lesley Lancaster – Climate change, species range shifts, and biodiversity

[Mindset Public Talk] Dr Lesley Lancaster – Climate change, species range shifts, and biodiversity
Past Event
20 Sep
18:00 - 19:30
Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre

We are pleased to announce that in September we will have a Mindset Public Talk – Climate change, range shifts, and the global distribution of resilience, by Dr Lesley Lancaster, Associate Professor at the University of Aberdeen, UK. In this talk, Dr Lancaster will discuss how climate-related shifts in species range shape global patterns of biodiversity, and the its implications in the context of current environmental change. More details below and in the attached flyer.

This event is one of Mindset’s Public Talks – monthly events that are generally held on the evening of the third Wednesday of each month. These talks are aimed to a general audience including academics, government officers, NGOs, people from the relevant industries, and any person with an interest for environmental issues. We are looking forward to see you in this and future Mindset events.

Please do join us and share this information with others who might be interested.

Mindset Public Talk, Sep 2017

Title: Climate change, range shifts, and the global distribution of resilience
Guest Speaker: Dr Lesley Lancaster
Date & time: Wed 20 Sep 2017, 6-7:30 pm
Venue: University of Nottingham Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre (KLTC), Level 2, Chulan Tower, No 3 Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur (GPS: 3.149604, 101.716449)
Organizer: Mindset, UNMC Interdisciplinary Centre for Environmental Studies
RSVP: Tue 18th Sep, Praveena.Chackrapani@nottingham.edu.my

Refreshments will be served after the talk Transport from and back to UNMC will be provided for students who register before Mon 18th Sep

[To avoid traffic hassle we encourage using public transport. The nearest stations to KLTC are Monorail’s Raja Chulan (11 min walking) and MRT’s Bukit Bintang (13 min)]

About the Talk

Under periods of climatic warming, many species shift their geographic ranges to higher latitudes, as poleward habitats just beyond their ancestral range become newly suitable. Widespread, net movements of a wide range of species in a poleward direction have occurred under both post-glacial colonisation events (within the past 10,000 years) and more rapidly and recently in response to contemporary climate change. However, the consequences of these range shifts for the global patterns of species or ecosystem resilience to environmental stressors has often been under appreciated. In this presentation I will discuss the processes by which climate-mediated range shifts shape global patterns of biodiversity and resilience at different latitudes. The results have wide-ranging implications for predicting how species and ecosystems at different latitudes may respond to further environmental change.

About the Speaker

Dr. Lesley Lancaster is a macroecologist and evolutionary biologist broadly interested in spatial ecology and evolutionary processes during periods of environmental instability. She completed a PhD at the University of California Santa Cruz, studying social evolution in lizards, a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in Santa Barbara, California, where she studied plant diversification in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot, and a research fellowship at Lund University in Sweden, where she investigated range shifts and their consequences for thermal adaptation, using damselflies as a model system. She is now an Associate Professor at the University of Aberdeen, where she conducts research on the biology of climate change across a wide range on insect and plant study systems. You can find her on twitter at @Lancaster_LT.


on 27 Jul, 14:01

World Rangers Day 2017

World Rangers Day 2017
Past Event
30 Jul
8:00 - 13:00
Bayview Hotel Penang

This is a private event. To attend, please contact Justine Vaz.

In conjunction with World Rangers Day 2017, the PA Financing Project is gathering over 60 rangers and officers from protected area agencies in Malaysia to participate in a special WRD 2017 in Penang. This is only the third year in a row in which rangers and other PA frontliners in Malaysia are gathering. The first two events were held in Crocker Range National Park, Sabah and Kubah National Park, Sarawak. WWF Malaysia took the lead in organizing the programmes with funding support from the Project.

This year, the PERHILITAN Worker’s Union (Kesatuan Pekerja-pekerja Jabatan Perhilitan) is taking the lead in organizing the event and the event is fully supported by the PA Financing Project. The theme they have chosen is “Unsung Heroes of the Forest” – and accordingly the programme that features rangers that have distinguished themselves through exceptional mastery of key specializations as well as those that have experienced and triumphed over adversity in the course of carrying out their duties.

These sharing sessions play a role in cultivating pride in this vocation, boosting morale and fostering bonds of solidarity among rangers working in the frontiers and frontlines of Sabah and Sarawak and the jungles and coasts of Peninsular Malaysia. This is part of the aim of the project to build common standards and the vision of a single National Framework for protected area management in Malaysia and also supporting agencies to build capacity among their staff.

In honouring rangers on World Rangers Day, we are hoping to provide a window for the general public to appreciate the work done by rangers to protect wildlife and our dwindling protected areas. We would like to partner the press in this objective and are inviting feature writers to attend the sharing sessions which will take place on at the Orchid Room, Bayview Hotel Penang on Sunday, 30 July 2017 (from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm). Lunch will be provided.

The session will provide the opportunity to listen to the presentations and to observe some of the discussions among rangers that follow. In addition, there will be opportunities to do face to face interviews with the rangers outside of the scheduled programme. We hope that the programme will provide the opportunity to gain insights into the lives of rangers and a greater appreciation of what is being done to protect Malaysia’s parks, sanctuaries and reserves.


#rangers #wildlife #protection

on 25 Apr, 12:41

Townhall meeting about development on Taman Rimba Kiara

Townhall meeting about development on Taman Rimba Kiara
Past Event
7 May
15:00 - 17:00
Women’s Institute of Management (WIM)

TTDI townhall meeting to address the development issue at the Taman Rimba Kiara, attend this event to find out more:


Link to the website detailing the proposed project:

Link to the online petition:

on 22 Apr, 00:20

Gurmit Singh’s autobiography “Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist” is out

Gurmit Singh’s autobiography “Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist” is out

The book can be bought in Areca Books here: Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist.

How did environmental activism begin in Malaysia? Who were the key players back in the 1970s, when the international community was just starting to notice climate change? Does the name Gurmit Singh ring a bell among Malaysians today? If it does, well and good. If it doesn’t, the timely arrival of the autobiographical Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist will give due recognition to one particular man’s labour of love and his service to the environment and the community.

Until now, little is really known about Gurmit Singh himself; much of what we know is based on the reactions to his media image and his campaigns. Here at last is the story of the life of this renowned Malaysian environmentalist, whose brand of take-it-to-the-streets activism has inspired countless individuals across generations. From his childhood as a self-professed bookworm to a vociferous human rights and environmental advocate, this book faithfully records his beginnings, growth, achievements, fears, family life and his dreams.

Born in 1942 to Punjabi parents in Japanese-occupied Malaya, Gurmit went on to found two pioneering NGOs — Environmental Protection Society, Malaysia (EPSM) and Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia (CETDEM). At various national and international fora, Gurmit not only put forward the Malaysian perspective, but also spoke up for the ‘third world’ and the global good.

Gurmit’s achievements have been many, and recognition of his work has spread within the country as well as abroad. And these achievements, especially in controversial areas like environmental protection, have won him praise as well as resistance from the authorities over the decades of the nation’s formation and swift economic growth. It is for the readers and historians to appreciate and comment on his impact and contributions to this multicultural nation. Despite his tumultuous relationship with the authorities, he was conferred the Langkawi Environmental Award in 1993.

This book records how I found my raison d’être in the form of environmental activism and human rights movements. During my over four-decade stint as an ecological activist, I founded two environmental NGOs, pushed for numerous eco-friendly changes at national and international fora and came up with practical solutions to halt ecological degradation. There have been many ups and downs during this journey but the lessons I have learnt are invaluable. – Gurmit Singh

Editorial reviews

Gurmit Singh needs little introduction to most Malaysians. His passion and concerns for the environment have won him several monikers, all well-deserved, but that of being an Eco-Activist fits him well. His unpretentious, yet colourful, story matches the nation’s peaceful struggle to be part of the emergent developing world after the horrors of the Second World War and the march towards independence. — Mano Maniam, actor, writer and director

An environmentalist all his life, Gurmit has been vocal and pro-active in his many campaigns to save our environment, and in many international fora on climate change. — Tan Sri Salleh Mohd. Nor, Pro-Chancellor of Universiti Technology Malaysia
and former president of Malaysian Nature Society

This is the inspiring story of a Malaysian ‘Green Warrior’ par excellence. Gurmit walked the talk and made change happen. — Dato Dr Anwar Fazal, recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, popularly known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’

A fascinating and inspiring book about the development of environmental activism of Malaysia from the 1970s onwards, written by one of the icons of the environmental movement in Malaysia. It should be widely known and read. — Dato Dr Leong Yueh Kwong, ecologist and environmentalist

#activism #book Gurmit Singh

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