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on 26 Aug, 14:30

Gardening Volunteers Needed

MNS Selangor Branch Flora Committee is looking for volunteers to maintain the nursery located next to MNS HQ at JKR641, Jalan Kelantan, Bukit Persekutuan, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. The present gardener has been unwell and the nursery’s upkeep is in need of assistance.

Since Flora Group plans to plant local trees from seed to seedlings for distribution to the public to encourage preservation of our local species and greening of our community, we seek all MNS members and the general public to lend us a hand to make this project a reality. Besides watering, weeding, potting or carry out repair works at the nursery, you will be meeting and working with like-minded people who cares for the environment and wishes to give back to the society by planting more trees not only for human’s enjoyment and benefit but all living creatures such as birds, bees, frogs, etc.

You don’t have a garden at home? Why don’t you treat this nursery as your little green haven? Bring your picnic basket along if you wish….to enjoy the fruit of your labour of the shade and coolness that the nursery provides. It is another form to de-stress from your hectic worklife or to add more greens / colour to your life!

Those who are able to commit to do gardening at least once every month (on Sat morning from 8am to 12noon), kindly contact by emailing For those who are unable to commit yet is interested to help, you are welcome to register with us too.

We plan to kick start this project on the 3rd Sept 2016 at 3pm after our Afternoon Session at 2pm (would be good though if you could join us for our indoor session at 2pm on the 3rd of Sept).

Come and plant Greens!

on 12 Aug, 16:33

MNS Flora Group Sat Afternoon 2-Session Get Together

15 Oct
14:00 - 16:00
No location
Session 1 by Dr Jean Weber

Most of the Dipterocarpaceae species that dominated and structured Southeast Asian lowland rainforests are currently endangered.
Obstacles for the conservation of Dipterocarpaceae can be found in their particular ecology as well as in the limits of conservation approaches that paradoxically focus on the management of natural environments rather than the integration of man-made landscapes. The presence of multiples small patches of local forest remaining within the Klang Valley provides unique opportunities for designing buffer zones and urban corridors consisting of Dipterocarpaceae and other local tree species planted in urban environments and capable to strengthen and to promote existing conservation networks. In this perspective of integrating tree conservation in man-made systems, new information technologies including open-databases and participative geographic information appear as promising tools for collectivities to archive the target of Malaysia’s 2020 national strategy to “promote and encourage the understanding and participation of the public and institutions for the effective conservation and protection of biological diversity”.
Concrete approaches for the implementation of new technologies to achieve ecologically and socially integrated tree conservation within the Klang Valley will be discussed.
This is an outdoor activity to be conducted at the MNS Nursery at the end of Session 1.
Join us as we plant seeds that had been collected, germinated, and other garderning activities required ie watering, weeding, etc. or just to network with your fellow “Greenies”.
Do bring along your drinking water, insect repellant, hat, gardening tools and gloves.
on 12 Aug, 16:28

MNS Flora Group Sat Afternoon 2-Session Get Together

5 Nov
14:00 - 16:00
No location
Session 1: By Dr Jean Weber
The relationship between pollinator and flower characteristics is one of the great examples of plant coevolution.
After a brief presentation of the innovative structures of flowers as reproductive organs, examples of coevolution with mutualistic pollinator will be described using examples from basal angiosperms families such as the Nymphaeaceae (water lilies) to the most diversified family of Orchidaceae including morphological and physiological specialization in the flowers of the Ranunculaceae and inflorescences of Araceae and Moraceae (fig trees).
This mutualistic relationship between flowers and their pollinators will be further discussed for its ecological implications as well as for its supposed role in species diversification.
This is an outdoor activity to be conducted at the MNS Nursery at the end of Session 1.
Join us as we plant seedlings that have been collected coupled with other tasks such as watering, weeding, etc. or just to network with your fellow “Greenies”. This is part of our conservation effort to plant and distribute trees to places that require new plants. Join us in our greening efforts!
Do bring along your drinking water, insect repellant, hat, gardening tools and gloves.
on 9 Aug, 16:47

MNS SB Flora Visit to Putrajaya Botanical Garden

25 Sep
7:30 - 13:00
No location
In September we are heading towards south of Kuala Lumpur visiting one of the biggest botanical garden in Malaysia and is located in Precinct 1, Putrajaya.
Putrajaya Botanical Garden is divided into 5 different themes. They are: the Explorer’s Trail, Palm Hill, Floral Gardens, Sun Garden and the Lakeside.
Meet us @ 7.30am sharp @ the Pink Floating Mosque (Putra Mosque) carpark.
Bring along your membership card, hat, drinking water, notepad and camera to record this lovely botanical garden.
A token of RM10 pp will be collected from MNS member and RM20 pp from non-MNS member.  This is to fund our conservation activities.
Those who wishes to register as member, please click this link for details..
Putrajaya Botanical garden
Please register your interest with before 11 Sept 2016.
on 9 Aug, 15:09

MNS Flora Group Visit to Janda Baik Forest

27 Aug
7:30 - 17:00
No location
Located 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, Janda Baik is surrounded with untouchable natural tropical rain forest. MNS Flora Group is organising a half day trip to check on the tranquility of this place.
Please assemble at MNS HQ @ 7.30am sharp. Car pooling is encouraged.
Do bring along your membership card, wear hat, insect repellant, drink and snacks.
A token fee of RM10 pp will be collected from MNS Members whereas for non members RM20 pp. This is to fund our conservation activities.
Those interested to join, kindly email to by 20 Aug 2016.
Those who wish to subscribe to our membership, kindly visit our website at
janda baik
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