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The Great ASEAN Eco-Debates: Team Registration Open

Team Registration is now OPEN to university students who is currently enrolled all over ASEAN countries (click).

The Great ASEAN Eco-Debate is mostly supported by The US. State Department as we won the prize of $25,000USD. Furthermore, we strongly partner with Asian Development Bank (ADB)United Nations Environment Programme – TUNZA, South East Asian Youth Environment Network (SEAYEN), and Silliman University.

This event aims to bring more than 250 participants from all over ASEAN countries to join and have an intellectual discussion about environmental issues. For more information, please visit

Welcome to MESYM!
Connecting the green dots is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.