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Public Book Launch “The Greenman’s Guide to Green Living and Working”

Public Book Launch “The Greenman’s Guide to Green Living and Working”
Past Event
5 Jun
12:15 - 13:15
No location

Join the GreenMan Matthias Gelber for the public launch of his book.

The Greenman’s Guide to Green Living and Working focuses on areas where you can make a change. Your life, home, family, office, community, place of work and business. Tips, stories, info graphs and company case studies will help you get inspired to take action.

I wrote this book to overcome the challenge that during my 10 years in Malaysia I have not been able to inspire many people from attending eco events towards real daily green practises. Please help me to overcome this challenge. The book as well supports Negawatt Revolution. Some of you will walk away with a signed copy of the book if you attend. Hope to see you there!

on 5 Jul, 15:58

Santubong Nature Festival – Landscape Photography Competition

Santubong Nature Festival – Landscape Photography Competition
Past Event


Malaysian Nature Society – Kuching Branch : Santubong Peninsula Landscape Photography Competition


  1. To raise public awareness about the historical & biodiversity significance of the Santubong Peninsula.
  2. To advocate for a holistic and integrated approach to development and management of the area to safeguard its historical and biodiversity values: and
  3. To showcase the tourism and recreational potential of the natural and cultural values found on the Santubong Peninsula

Rationale for the Santubong Nature Festival

  • Mount Santubong is Kuching City’s visual icon, and dear to the hearts of all who call Kuching home
  • The entire Peninsula is arguably Sarawak’s richest historical site, dating back 1,600 years.
  • The Santubong Peninsula is the focus of the large-scale development, and will continue for the next 20 years
  • The development needs to consider the value of the Peninsula, and these values needs to be highlighted

What is the Santubong Nature Festival?

  • The SNF was conceptualized by the Malaysian Nature Society – Kuching Branch, in response to widespread concerns expressed in the local media about un-planned development projects within the Santubong Peninsula.
  • The SNF is designed to bring to the public attention everything on Santubong that is of value to Kuching, Sarawak and the world.
  • The SNF will be held on 9th and 10th November 2013, to coincide with the International Conference on Alfred Russel Wallace, which is jointly organized ny UNIMAS, SFC and the Sarawak Museum Department, on 7th and 8th November. (
  • A series of events and activities will be organized leading-up to the main event in November.

Preliminary List of Partners

DBKU Kuching North City Council
FOSM Friends of the Sarawak Museum
HHH All Chapters of the Hash House Harriers in Kuching
JMS Jabatan Muzium Sarawak
LKW Lim Kok Wing Institute
PERMAI Permai Rainforest Lodge, Damai
SEDC Sarawak Economic Development Corporation
SHS Sarawak Heritage Society
SPAS Sarawak Photo Art Society
STB Sarawak Tourism Board
UNIMAS University Malaysia Sarawak

on 5 Jul, 17:14

Borneo Eco Film Festival

Borneo Eco Film Festival
Past Event

The Borneo Eco Film Festival is an annual event celebrating Borneo’s biocultural diversity through showcasing environmental films and nurturing local community filmmaking. The event will be held in the Kompleks JKKN, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo Malaysia. BEFF is about

  1. SUARA Community Filmmaking and
  2. Environmental Cinema

Boleh Bah Filem Kita!

Boleh Bah Filem Kita!

Boleh Bah Filem Kita!


Boleh Bah Filem Kita! (BBFK) is a short film competition for local filmmakers to show how creative they can be with a very local flavour! With BBFK, the Borneo Eco Film Festival hopes to spur local talent and encourage the filmmaking scene. Boleh Bah Filem Kita!

Competition guidelines:

  • Films that demonstrate how people relate to their environment.
  • Films under 10 minutes in length.
  • Films shot in Borneo by people living in Borneo.>
  • If your film is not in English, please include English subtitles.
  • Films submitted must be produced after 1 Jan 2010.

CLOSING DATE: 1 August 2013

We prefer to receive films the eco-friendly way, online – through a private link on YouTube or Vimeo. Send us your link (and if necessary, the password) to In the email please include your details: name, contact number, and any relevant information about the film.

If you absolutely must send us a DVD then send it to:

Boleh Bah Filem Kita!
c/o Sabah Society
P.O. Box 10547
88806 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia.

The organisers will contact you if your film is selected for the festival and request a screening copy of the film.

‘LIKE’ our FB page Borneo Eco Film Festival for updates on BBFK!

on 3 Jun, 06:31

Trip: Cameron Highlands 3D2N leisure cum photography

Trip: Cameron Highlands 3D2N leisure cum photography
Past Event
Cameron Highlands is well-known for its cooling temperature and tourism attractions.
Come August, we are heading up to MNS-BOH Field Study Centre where we will stay there for 3D2N. The centre is located deep into the tea plantation valley at Habu, a small urban area shortly after Ringlet, and away from city sights and sounds. More precisely, it is located on the slopes of Gunung Cantik, where one can do a short hike up the tea plantation to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Cameron Highlands hills and valleys and to take in the chilling winds.
It is generally known that the temperature at the centre and its vicinity is lower than Tanah Rata and Brinchang despite being lower in altitude; this is because the centre is located about 9 km inside from the main road and where there is absence of commercial development. There are times when the area is completely shrouded in mists (hint: photography opportunity).
Details of the trip will be posted on our official MNS Photogroup (Selangor Branch) website at
To register (hint: first come, first served), please submit your particulars via online registration at:
Finer details will be emailed to PAID joiners. Don‟t forget to apply for leave as 16th August which is a Friday.
on 5 Jul, 16:30

World Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations 2013, Pahang.

World Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations 2013, Pahang.
Past Event

The United Nations has designated August 9 as the World Indigenous Peoples Day. This year the national-level 2013 Word Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations will be celebrated over a 3-day period in Pahang. Organised by the Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia (JOAS), this year’s event will be held in a village-setting.

The Jah Hut community of Kampung Pian in Kuala Krau (between Temerloh and Jerantut) have graciously agreed to be the hosts. Preparations and groundwork have already begun.

So far about 200 Orang Asal participants, including those from Sabah and Sarawak, are confirmed to attend. We expect about 300 to attend, especially from among the Orang Asli of Semenanjung Malaysia.

The event is open to all, and we will try to provide (simple) accomodation and facilities for those wanting to stay the full programme. More details later.

You can register your intended participation by clicking the link

National level world indigenous people celebration 2013

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