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on 14 Oct, 12:43

SEAYEN Self Video Contest Water issues


The project of Self-Video Contest coordinated by South East Asian Youth Environment Network (SEAYEN) to promote the water issue by sending a short message generated by young people among ASEAN countries. To marginalize the impact of reaching the message across, we chose one medium as video to send the message via social media. The contestants will use their own material like camera and smartphone to capture a short video up to 1 minute containing a message on Water Issue to post/or send us via facebook page. The language of the message can be English or his/her own language. Subtitle needs to come along with the submission. At the end of the competition, it is expected to have a compilation of all the messages from young people in ASEAN including your video message to make another bigger video bringing your voice out to the mass.

VOTING AND EVALUATION:  All the video will be promoted by the contestant for online voting on a platform. The platform is to be provided after the submission deadline.

IMPORTANT DATES:  Submission: Oct 15, 2013 – Nov 30, 2013 Voting and evaluation: Dec 01, 2013- Dec 15, 2013 Result: Before the end of 2013

Application Form HERE
Facebook Page HERE

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