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Green Energy Asia 2014

Green Energy Asia 2014
Past Event
10 Jun - 12 Jun
All Day

Malaysia is honoured to host one of the most important energy events of the year – Green Energy Asia, an integrated event combining an expo and regional symposium. The show will feature the very latest in renewable energy systems and technology, and will also present excellent opportunities for companies to capitalise on the many diverse and exciting business opportunities that are developing alongside the green energy revolution.

A major global energy transition…

As civilization progresses, the need to embrace clean energy is more urgent than ever. Exhibitors at Green Energy Asia 2014 will showcase their expertise in four major areas :

  • Carbon Reduction Technology
  • Energy Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Clean Energy

The Who’s Who of the industry will join industry experts at a Green Energy Asia Symposium and be brought up to speed on the latest trends and developments by a panel of top international speakers. The theme will be “Efficient & Sustainable Solutions for a a Greener Future”. Delegates will learn about the latest regulations and important financing issues. The Symposium will also present papers on sustainable energy solutions as viable business ventures.

An ASEAN Overview

ASEAN renewable energy sources accounted for 19% of world’s total primary energy needs in 2005 and are projected to have a share of 18% by 2030. Geothermal, solar, wind, tidal and wave energy is expected to grow faster than any other energy systems – by 6.7% from 2005 – 2030. The region will face a major challenge as energy consumption is projected to increase at an average annual rate of 4.4%; from 375 metric tonnes in 2007 to 1,008 tonnes by 2030. The implementation of APEC in 2015 will further increase the need for green energy systems.

As a result clear policies and responsive programs for RE development will open exciting new opportunities for businesses. Will you be ready?

Malaysia – A leading player in saving the planet

Malaysia aims to secure 5.5% of its total energy from renewable energy sources by 2015. The government has created support mechanisms including the Feed-in-Tariff which pays a premium rate for green electricity. Malaysia’s green industries are already worth some RM67 billion and grew 6% from 2010 – 2011. They also support 50,000 jobs and helped avoid 2.2 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) Malaysia will generate RM 53 billion by 2020. The Green Technology Finance Scheme has allocated RM 2 billion via the Malaysian Green Technology Corp. This is in addition to what has already been spent to advance the production and the use of green technology. Malaysia’s Sustainable Energy Development Authority will be investing in solar power which could earn home owners an average of RM 500 monthly for 21 consecutive years. The RE scenario in Malaysia is focused on the following areas :

  • Biomass – increasing to 1,340 MW by 2030
  • Biogas – increasing to 410 MW by 2030
  • Mini Hydro – increasing to 490 MW by 2020
  • Solar – to 854 MW by 2030
  • MSW to 390 MW by 2030
  • Biodiesel to replace 5% of diesel starting in 2011

Summing up

Many countries around the world are endowed with enough renewable energy to easily double their current generating capacities. A revamped green energy economy could harness power from wind, the sun, water, biofuels and other sources, making climate destructive fossil fuels a thing of the past. GREEN ENERGY ASIA 2014 is the place to get started. The event is geared to helping business take advantage of multiple opportunities, and government assistance is often available. Mark your calendar now to be in Kuala Lumpur for June 2014 to learn how to turn green… into gold.

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