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Anticipating the 9th International Kuala Lumpur Eco-Film Festival (KLEFF)



Last week I was invited to receive first hand insights on the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Eco-Film Festival, happening at Publika, Solaris Dutamas from 14th-16th October 2016. Having attended KLEFF since I first got to know EcoKnights in 2012, it is amazing to see how the festival is growing tremendously and progressively creating environmental awareness amongst Malaysians.

“It is not just about creating a festival, it’s about creating a movement,” said Yasmin Rashid, Founder of EcoKnights and Honorary Advisor of the 9th International KLEFF in her speech during the Launch. Started in 2007, the Film Festival envisioned to convey impactful messages by utilising audio-visual materials, recognising them as a powerful tool for communication. The purpose of the Film Festival is to create a common ground for Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike, to spark a revolutionary movement.

To walk the talk, the Film Festival encompasses “green” aspects. For example, the overall energy consumption of KLEFF is monitored by Reneon Technologies, to ensure it does not exceed targeted consumption. Other than that, the application for green market is filtered through a rigorous process and all plastics and styrofoam are banned from the market. Even the brochures for KLEFF is printed on FSC Certified paper with only soy ink!

An interesting addition for this year’s KLEFF is the introduction of myHIJAU certification by KeTTHA and Greentech Malaysia. This is incorporated as part of the government’s effort in green procurement programme as well as moving towards a more green consumerism industry. Tuan Syed Ahmad Syed Mustafa, CEO of Greentech Catalyst, stressed on the importance of making right judgement and choices when it comes to buying products from the market.

Check out  for more details on the list of activities happening at the Eco-Film Festival. See you there!

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A Murder Mystery Wildlife Conservation Course in Malaysia

A Murder Mystery Wildlife Conservation Course in Malaysia
Post Volunteer!

Who Murdered the Malayan Tiger? Join us for this experiential course in Malaysia where you will learn a multitude of skills in Wildlife Conservation to solve this Murder Mystery. Using a combination of novel teaching approaches as such gaming, role-play and onling learning, this course will immerse you in roles and tasks to apply current research tools, assimilate up-to-date concepts and hone communication skills in conservation biology. Solve the mystery before its too late!

Please refer to the posters for more details on application process and topics taught.

For more information on tutors, please refer to:

Dr. Cedric Tan:

Dr. Lucy Tallents:

Prof. Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz:


WCC poster Murder Mystery


WCC poster Murder Mystery 2

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MEME Updates is back!

MEME Updates is back!

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are very glad to share with you the latest issue of MEME Updates, our project’s newsletter. In this come back issue (after a long time!) we feature MEME’s team members and describe our core activities for the understanding and conservation of Malaysian elephants.

You can read MEME Updates online here:, or easily download the file from here:

MEME Updates #10

Download (PDF, 6.48MB)

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Wildlife Conservation Course at University of Nottingham (Malaysian Campus)

Wildlife Conservation Course at University of Nottingham (Malaysian Campus)


I am a postdoc researcher at the University of Oxford and in collaboration with the University of Nottingham (Malaysian Campus), I am designing a 10-day course in wildlife conservation aimed at budding conservation biologists from Southeast Asia. This exciting, inspiring and engaging course in the form of games and role plays will take place in Jan 2015 at the University of Nottingham (Malaysian Campus), Kuala Lumpur.

It would be great If I could obtain your input into this survey to identify priorities for this course. You will be able to leave your email contact on this survey so that we can contact you about your interest. Please also feel free to forward this to anyone whom you might find to be interested in the course. Thank you for your time!

One of the role-playing games that will be played during the course.

One of the role-playing games that will be played during the course.


Best regards,


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