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SIEPC 2015 – Ignite the Silver Lining


on 10 Jan, 13:50
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Xiwen Yeoh

CAT Walk Feb 2018

CAT Walk is open for registration!

Date: 3-4 Feb 2018
Location: Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor, Pahang.
Fee: RM 250 (Malaysian) / RM 500 (non-Malaysian)
25% discount is applicable for existing volunteers and full time students.

To join, please follow these steps:

1. Read this Joining Information at https://goo.gl/fFtUfK

2. Register* and pay** at https://goo.gl/Q2V7YJ

*Requires a PDF copy of your front & back Malaysian IC or passport bearer page (for non-Malaysians).
**On-line banking (Malaysian banks only) or with credit card.

Your reservation on a CAT Walk is confirmed once payment is made. Participation is on a first-come-first-served basis, and are limited to 10 people / trip. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and is physically fit.

Warm regards,
MYCAT Secretariat’s Office

Download the Citizen Action for Tigers brochure at https://goo.gl/Mcj5VX.

on 9 Jan, 16:04

A Day Out With Dolphins & Dolphin Researchers

A Day Out With Dolphins & Dolphin Researchers
Past Event

We are having our first trip of 2018 for a one-day dolphin research experience with the MareCet Team at the end of this month! If you wish to be out at sea in search of the dolphins and experience how dolphin research is being conducted at our project site, email us at to book a spot or enquire for more information! Spaces are limited.

on 9 Jan, 15:20
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Xiwen Yeoh

Infinitus i-Recycle Campaign (Go Green)

i-Recycle Campaign is back!
Together let’s save the earth!!!

Date: 20/1/18 (Saturday)
Time: 9:30a.m.-12:30p.m.
Venue: IOI Boulevard Puchong, Concourse area
Hotline: 03-80791828

*FREE Non-Woven Bag!
Bring your old Non-woven Bag and get a new one for FREE! (maximum 2 bags per person)
*Collect Green points to redeem voucher •

on 9 Jan, 15:18
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Xiwen Yeoh

Green Finance: Energy Security and Sustainable Development

Majority of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The fight against climate change has become a defining feature in energy policy making, but the implications are daunting. Meeting the emission goals pledged by countries under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) would still leave the world 13.7 billion tons of CO2—60% above the level needed to remain on track for just 2ºC warming by 2035.

We can lower emissions by taking the appropriate steps on both the supply and demand side. On the supply side, shifting to cleaner and greener resources, and raising the share of renewable energy resources in the energy basket, could effectively reduce emissions. On the demand side, reducing consumption, and using energy-efficient machines like electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid cars can improve energy efficiency. Whether applying supply side solutions or demand side solution, green finance is a key issue.

To improve energy security, especially for the developing economies which are more vulnerable to energy price fluctuations, it is also important to diversify the energy basket by minimizing dependence on fossil fuels and increasing alternative green resources, i.e. renewable energy resources. However, renewable energy projects (i.e. solar power plants, wind power generators) and projects for raising energy efficiency require high investment costs. Banks are reluctant to lend to renewable energy projects because from their point of view, these projects are risky. This conference will highlight new and practical methods for financing green energy projects and explore solutions for maintaining energy security for sustainable development.

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/309654849552618/

on 9 Jan, 15:14

Adopt a Community Park – A Winged-Fruit Trees

Adopt a Community Park – A Winged-Fruit Trees
Past Event

In collaboration with UM’s Department of Development and Estate Maintenance (JPPHB), The Rimba Project would like to invite the campus community, graduating classes, alumni and members of the public to be part of the co-ownership of a community park, located in the heart of the UM Campus. Our dream is to make UM a walk-in educational garden, an urban nature park, where plants and animals coexist harmoniously with humans. The co-ownership of the park will create a sense of belonging and care for the environment and public spaces, and at the same time, the community can take pride in a park that is well-cared for.

This project will manage the planting of a grove of endangered native forest tree species. This area will be a major campus feature, providing many learning opportunities for student project work, academic research, edutourism, and enhance local school and community awareness activities. It will also provide a controlled environment to raise the trees and enhance the habitat for birds, insects and other urban wildlife. Read more: https://www.mystartr.com/projects/rimba

on 15 Oct, 22:07
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Xiwen Yeoh

Asia Pacific Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption & Production

The Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP) is an international, autonomous, non-governmental, non-profit, non-discriminatory organization that is involve in developing and promoting sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the Asia-Pacific. The APRSCP was established since 1997 (more than 19 years ago) and registered as a non-profit organization in Thailand.

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