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Going Green Friendly… and friendly to your pocket too

Going Green Friendly… and friendly to your pocket too

Is it cheap to go green? Good question, really!

When the idea of a co-working space came about, my business partner, Ming and I already knew what we are going to furnish our space with. The only problem was, we didn’t have a space yet, let alone a concept to complement the vision we had. After months of space hunting, we finally found a perfect enclave for the community, one of course…us as the Space Catalysts wouldn’t mind to work and play in.

With pallets and clean shaven wood in mind, we went through a journey of discovery that it can be more than just furniture. Let’s put in some personality, some character to this naturally organic space we acquired. We envisioned a place where young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs can detach and disengage from the rigid office environment and create their own individual space to work and play. A space to educate, to inspire, to share. So….hey, what about going GREEN?

Designing a Green Working Space

It is easy to be green? Is it exhorbitant? We haven’t got a clue. What we know is we want to create a mobile space that will set a new benchmark for creative nomads, freelancers, mobile entrepreneurs, writers, tech-preneurs and just about anyone, living and working in Penang. It should also be the place for talent development, a space for concious and responsible individuals who care about the environment and community service responsibilities. The sophisticated, eccentric and hip entrepreneurs who step into Work Palette will enjoy a space that is designed to enhance their creativity and energy.

So…we got some help! We consulted our dear friend, ‘Green Man’ Mr. Gelber and seek his advice on becoming green friendly without having to put a hole in our pockets. We need a simplicistic aesthetic touch. Taking Mr. Gelber’s points and countless researches from ‘Mr Know-it-All’, Google…we stretched from eco-friendly paints, bio degradable detergent, recycling recycled items, eco-friendly chalk boards etc etc. And today….voila! The Work Pallette that we envisioned is realised and we are indeed, proud Space Catalysts! Some women can turn a 100 bucks dress into a million dollar look, well… Work Palette certainly is that!

Although the spelling Pallette is loosely translated as a board used for colour mixing, it insinuates ‘artistry’ which is exactly what we aim to create within the space, and intentionally our studios and work stations are made up of up-scale recycled pallets. These pieces of woods and logs has been turned into tables, chairs, lounge sofa and art pieces in our double storey residential. And Work Palette, represents artistry within pallets of work stations.

Work Palette Image Gallery

How does Work Palette make a difference?

Consistently, Work Palette will provide the best personalised service based on our customer’s individual preference. Aside from making them feel very much at home, we offer a playground of endless ideas to be shared and realised. Be it for a corporate presentation, gamers club or projects to be put together, everyone gets the same treatment. We aim to refresh and enhance our customer’s experience through constant interaction and communication with them and be intimate with them so that we can make Work Palette their space of choice.

Plus, we have monthly workshops, forums and trainings on various topics – suited to each unique requests and exclusive events lined up in the months to come. Just as we don’t wear the same colour outfit every day, most individuals, except the die-hard fans of a certain preference, have a varied learning interests that needs to be satisfied, and Work Palette aims to do just that.

Our members will enjoy different corners and working studios of their choice, high speed internet access, coffee and teas throughout the day, light snacks, games and entertainment chill-out area, books for rent, resident artist’s special merchandises for sale and the ‘homely’ feeling that is second to none.

And today, Work Palette is a member of Green Drinks Penang and proudly hosted the event in August this year. Both Ming and I may not be eloquent enough to educate the community to go green, but we can surely show you a living proof of going green with an avant-garde aesthetics without busting out your bank account.

Come and visit us in Pulau Tikus Penang…we’ll host you with an ispirations!

by Zye Ramli, Space Catalyst – Work Palette, Penang Malaysia

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