Registering in MESYM

Ops, ia seolah-olah kandungan ini tidak terdapat di Malay. Adakah anda ingin membantu kami menterjemahkannya?

Is it free to register in the website?


What are the benefits of registering?

You will be able to post all your content (events, projects, discussions, etc), look for volunteers, and appear in the User Directory.

What is the User Directory?

The User Directory is a database of all Organizations/Individuals in the country doing something about the environment. Just by signing up in the website, all your provided information (description, contact details, facebook page, etc) will appear in this directory, and will be easily accessible to anyone.

What is the difference between Organization/Individual accounts?

Organizations can have ‘members’ in the website, and each piece of content posted by any member will also appear under the Organization profile page.

Selamat Datang ke MESYM!
Connecting the green dots is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.