Volunteering opportunities with MYCAT!

More volunteering opportunities coming your way! Further details below:

TRAFFIC Southeast Asia- The Body Shop Malaysia Wildlife Trade Workshop for Volunteers in Malaysia

Here’s a problem you can do something about: The illegal wildlife trade.

Thousands of animals around the globe are put at risk by the illegal hunting and sale of wild animals as pets, food, fashion, medicines and even culture and tradition. With knowledge and just a mobile phone, you can help fight the problem and keep Malaysia’s wildlife safe.

Come to the free workshop TRAFFIC and The Body Shop Malaysia are holding in Penang and learn how you can be the hero that wildlife needs.


Translator needed!

MYCAT is looking for volunteer translators with knowledge and skills to translate these languages:

  • English to Malay
  • English to Mandarin

For further details, please write in to us here: mycat.so@malayantiger.net or you can reach us at 03-7880 3940 during office hours.

Warm regards,
MYCAT Secretariat’s Office

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