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Will You Hug a Tree?

Hug a tree photos

The beauty and tranquility of forests all over the world—from the tropics to the tundra—inspire all of us. Almost 300 million people and eight out of ten land-dwelling species live in forests.

From now through April 30, we invite you to share your love of trees and show your support for protecting the world’s forests.
Post a photo of yourself hugging a tree on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #hugatree.


We can’t wait to check out the photos you post. We may even select yours to appear on WWF’s website sometime during the month of April! So get outside and show us your best tree-hugging skills.



Why Hug a Tree?

Threats to the world’s forests are growing. We are losing forests at a rate of 48 football fields per minute. The Amazon, the planet’s largest rain forest, lost at least 17% of its forest cover in the last half century because of human activity.

WWF uses many approaches to protect forests. We are creating and strengthening policies to deter illegally sourced timber and securing long-term funding for permanent protection. We are also working with companies that want to create a market for environmentally responsible forest products.

Protecting our forests helps sustain nature’s diversity, benefit our climate and support human well-being.

Hug a tree T-shirt

Want to Do Even More for Trees?

You can donate to WWF to help protect forests—even USD $5 can make a difference! If you donate USD $55 or more to support our forest conservation work, you can choose to receive this organic bamboo and cotton T-shirt as a thank-you gift.

Your contribution will help WWF protect some of the planet’s last intact rain forests, reforest regions that need it, encourage sustainable forestry practices, and work on many other projects that conserve forests around the world.

Please note this is a WWF US initiative and this link takes you to a donation page for WWF US.

Love our forests. #hugatree.

By participating in WWF’s #hugatree campaign through the sharing of photos on social media sites (e.g., without limitation, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), you grant WWF the right to display your photo and/or post on the #hugatree webpage, in WWF’s discretion, and represent that you have all rights necessary to grant that right, including without limitation all necessary copyrights and permissions of those featured. If your photo contains images of children under the age of 18, you specifically grant to WWF permission to use those images and represent that you have all necessary authority to grant such permission. If you have any questions about the use of these photos, please email us at

Photo credits: Young women hugging trees © Kati Meyer/WWF-US; Young girl hugging tree branch © Lisa M. Bolton/WWF-US; Girl hugging and kissing tree © Amy Pasnak/WWF-US; Young man standing on tree © Kati Meyer/WWF-US; Women hugging large tree © Kati Meyer/WWF-US; Two boys hugging tree © Andrea Santy/WWF-US; Man hugging tree © Michael Bauer/WWF-US; Two kids hugging tree © Jen Kim/WWF-US; Girl with sunglasses hugging tree © Tom LeGro/WWF-US

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